Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lifetime Triathlon 2011

This past Saturday, Rob became an official triathlete!  I have been so amazed with his ability to juggle work, school, and training for a triathlon, while still maintaining his rockstar status of Dad and Husband too.  On July 9th, he made us even more proud by completing his first triathlon!

The day started early for Rob.  I think he was up and out of bed by 4:45am.  After a quick shower (yes, he showered before he went to go jump in a lake) he was on his way to Lake Nakomis to set up his bike and the rest of his gear and get everything ready for the race.  His wave (based on age) didn't start until 7:30am.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I dragged the kids out of bed (literally) at 7am.   They all moaned and grumbled that Dad's race started too early.  But, I had juice boxes and donuts in the car ready to go and had packed activities and snacks the night before.  After parking (parallel parking!!  My own personal victory), we made it to Lake Nakomis about 15 minutes after Rob entered the first part of his race, the swim. 

The Lifetime Triathlon is one of the largest in the country so it was a tiny bit crazy there.  I didn't see any great opportunities to find Rob once he was in the water so the kids and I made camp right after his first transition stop.  This ended up being a perfect spot because we were able to watch Rob go out on his bike, come in on his bike, and then with a 50 yard walk and we were able to see him go out on his run.

The kids and I made him a sign the night before.  Austin wanted the sign to read "My Dad is the Biggest and Best in Minnesota!"  We went with something more succinct:

We almost missed Rob going out on his bike because we had no idea when to expect him and pretty much all the athletes wore black tri-suits of some sort so he wasn't easy to spot.  I just happened to glance up while he was riding by and gave him a big cheer for the whole family! 

Once we saw him ride his bike back in, we scooted over to the run to watch him start his run.

I thought he was looking pretty good for the last leg of his race.

His run took him twice around Lake Nakomis so after he passed us, we had some time to relocate ourselves for the second pass of the run, and then the finish line.  There was plenty to entertain the cheering crowd, but I didn't feel like chasing after my 3 kids in a crowd so I kept them close.  We did stop for pictures.  Here's our future triathlete:

Waiting for Rob to come around the lake a second time got a little boring for the kids:

But, overall, they did great for having been dragged out of bed and forced to sit on a blanket for hours only to get a snippet of time to cheer for their dad as he ran past.

Finally, the home stretch!  I was holding Austin up for another high five as Rob ran past so the best I have of him finishing is this picture below.  He's the guy in black with a bunch of white writing on the back.  He was sponsored by his company, Mosaic.

Rob's official time was 3 hours 22 minutes and 26 seconds.  In that amount of time he managed to swim 1.5k (0.93 mile), bike 40k (24.9 miles), and run 10k (6.2 miles).

Not a bad picture for having just accomplished all that!  He was most worried about the swim, which ended up being his best stretch of the race.  The run, he said, was his worst.  He didn't train enough for the run, and the only 6 mile run he did in training was over a month before the race.  Plus, he had already done so much he was just burned out.

No matter how he finished, we are so proud of him.  What a great thing for the kids to see!

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