Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heard Around the House

We're still having a fun, busy summer.  I'll give a more detailed update in a few days, but for  now, here's a couple funny things the kids have said:

1)  While getting the kids ready for bed, I dressed Riley in a hand me down pair of Ellie's PJs.  Ellie decided at that moment that those were her favorite pajamas and started crying because Riley was wearing them.  I told her she was only saying that because she didn't want Riley to have them and that she never before mentioned these particular pajamas were a favorite.  This made Ellie cry hysterically.  Austin, who witnessed the whole ordeal, turned to me and said "Huh Mom, you're a real charmer!"

2)  Just today while Riley and I were having our daily battle over her drinking the rest of her milk (sidenote:  Riley hardly drinks anything all day.  If it were up to her, probably about 4 ounces of juice in the morning, and 2 ounces of milk at lunch and 2 at dinner...that's it!) she was getting very frustrated with me.  Knowing it would take me 15 minutes, but that she would eventually drink it all, I held firm.  Today however she was feeling especially resilient.  I pleaded again for her to sit down and drink her milk, she picked it up, gave it a second thought, slammed it on the table and said "No Mommy!  I just can't handle this today!" and walked away.

After I stopped laughing I brought her back to the table where she finished it.

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Sheri said...

Thank you for a good laugh Tracy!! Way too funny!!