Monday, June 27, 2011

Watch Your Step!

Riley is on a huge "I hate sleep" kick. She NEVER wants to go to sleep no matter how tired she is. If we put her to sleep on her bed, she moves all her stuff to the floor and sleeps there. If we put her to sleep on the floor, it's not surprising to find her on her bed.

What is surprising, is to shut off all the lights downstairs and feel your way to the staircase, and then trip on a large lump on the stairs. Actually, not being able to see a thing, I accidentally kicked this lump pretty hard....and it just grunted and went back to sleep.

Earlier that night we had sent both Austin and Riley back to their beds after hearing them whispering on the stairs while we were in the family room. I guess Riley must have snuck down for another round but since she didn't have a partner in crime, she was very quiet and she just tuckered out.

Rob carried her up to bed and she probably muttered "I'm not tired" on the way.

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Kerry said...

I think you need a half-door. It's here if you want it. :)