Sunday, June 5, 2011

Terry Fator

Typically, when we go to Vegas, we end up seeing a Cirque show.  This is usually because they come free with the package we've bought off of Orbitz.   Once there was the treat of the Blue Man Group from our friend, and the same friend hooked us up with tickets to a comedian, but aside from that, we don't go to a lot of shows while we are there.  This year we used Rob's student ID to get a discount on tickets for Terry Fator.  I thought this was money well spent.

They said it was fine if we took video and pictures (just couldn't record the whole show) so I took a couple short videos but they really don't do the show justice because the quality is pretty crappy.  Oh well, you'll get the idea:

I was amazed at his impressions (and without moving his lips!).  His impressions through his dummies were actually better than him singing on his own.

Towards the end of the show (spoiler alert) he picked an audience member to come up on stage.  This particular night he happened to pick a big guy in the 2nd row.  Only, he had no idea how big this guy was until he got up on stage.

By no means was Terry a short guy himself so this guy was nearing 7 feet tall and bulky too.  And Terry dressed him up like a woman.  Dolly Parton to be exact.

The creepy mask that he has on is actually controlled like one of the dummies so Terry would ask this guy questions and then respond for him.  Then he dressed himself up as Rod Stewart and sang "Baby It's Cold Outside" as a duet (him doing both parts).  It was one of the funniest parts of the show.  And Rob and I couldn't get past how creepy the mask was on this huge guy.

So, if you're in Vegas while he's there, we suggest you check him out.

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