Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shrinky Dinks!

Remember these??  I do.  I don't remember ever actually getting them, but I was Captain Craft so I'm sure at some point I did.  Either way, a couple months ago I found RoseArts version at Target on clearance for $1.25.  I bought it and stashed the box away for a rainy day.  Only, I stashed the box away so well that I didn't remember it until just this week.  Now I wish I would have bought more!

In typical fashion here, we did this craft in our pajamas at 9am.  It's been a pretty awful week weather-wise and this was just what we needed.  The kids did these for an hour straight and requested 3 times yesterday to do them again.  (I denied them so we have something for the next rainy day).

First they picked their designs off the sheet and traced them (Austin) or had me trace them (Ellie and Riley).

Then you cut out the design (Austin) or have me cut them out (Ellie and Riley)

Then it was time to color....Ellie LOVES to color!

And then you perch on a stool and peek at them while they are in the oven shrinking.  And if you are the mom, at this point you stand back and tell them every 20 seconds  not to touch the oven.

Here's our final products.  All of them are about the size of a quarter.  I had to get in on the fun too!  Austin even drew a couple of his own designs (the car and a side note..he gave me the heart "because I have all his love"...I may never let him marry).

Anyway, so if you have kids and are looking for a fun project, my kids loved this one!

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