Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ellie is 4!

On June 7th I came home from the gym at 7:15am to find Ellie dancing a little jig in the doorway of the garage.  I rolled down my window to listen as she sang "Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!"  I asked her if she knew of anyone that was four years old and she shot her hand up in the air and said "ME ME ME!!!".  Since everyone was awake we decided to have her open up presents first thing.  Her big present was a new bike!

But, it turns out it was way too big so it was returned.  She wasn't too heart broken because what she really wanted was a ride-on Power Wheels Jeep and she was certain someone would bring one of those to her "family birthday" party.  Only those are about $320 new and $190 used....but she was sure someone would get it....gulp!

The rest of her presents were new crayons, a pretend hair/makeup set (I may or may not have picked this in hopes of her playing for hours on end with my hair!), "Don't Break the Ice", and a crayola wonder princess set. 

I asked her what she wanted to do for the day.  If you remember, Tuesday was crazy hot and reached a high of 102 around here.  I strongly encouraged water activities early in the day.  I said we could go to the splash pad at the Y, run through sprinklers in our yard, maybe go on the pontoon and ride in the new tube, etc.  No short of 10 times did I suggest something involving water.  But, everyone insisted that we go to Chutes and Ladders in Bloomington.  It was 87 degrees already when we arrived at 9:30am.  I really dislike this park.  As a kid I'm certain it's a blast, as a parent, it's just a matter of time before I am called for help.  First I have to find the kid in trouble, and then I have to find a way to get to them. 

Both girls lost their shoes through the fish net/rope stuff that makes up this playground.  Do you see how Ellie is bent over at the waist to fit through there?  What does that make that space....less than 2 feet?  That is what I was crawling through to get to them.

And this picture below...I have titled it "Mother Knows Best"

Don't they all just look miserable?  They were begging me to do something with water at this point!  But, at this point it was already 95 degrees and lunchtime.  Too late!

From the park we went to Target for Icee's and later on to McDonald's for lunch and then home to play inside since it was now over 100 degrees out.

For dinner Ellie chose Chuck E Cheese.  The kids had been playing with our neighbor, Mia, for a couple hours so we decided to invite her with.

The kids each got a bowl full of tokens and immediately were off to play games and ride rides!

Rob really got a kick out of this picture below because it looks like I am Chuck E. 

And I really like the picture below.

Pictures like that crack me up.  I get the same satisfaction when I need to pause the DVR and catch someone on screen making a weird face mid-sentence....what can I say, I'm easily entertained!

It was a spectacular, and busy birthday.  I'm quite certain I was more tired than the kids after that day.

Two days later I was scouting out some garage sales with all the kids in tow.  Lo and behold I drove by one with a Power Wheels jeep out front!  I jumped out of the car, saw it was only $60 and immediately put $15 down and said I'd be back later to pick it up.  I got back into the car where Ellie was going balistic because they have a Jeep there but I told her someone already bought it. She immediately burst into tears.  But, an hour later I had it in our garage and had cleaned it up and it was looking almost brand new.

She was beyond excited!  It's definitely the new favorite toy for both Ellie and Riley.

And it only sort of concerns me that Riley is a much better driver than Ellie.  Actually, Riley's favorite thing to do is race it down the driveway and then at the very end (and this thing gets going pretty fast!) she spins it out in a 180.  In 14 years no one will be safe on the roads.

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