Friday, June 17, 2011

Dehner Reunion 2011

This past week we finally made it, as a family, to the Dehner Reunion.  The Dehner's are Rob's mom side of the family.  The reunion is held in Yankton, SD which is over 5 hours away for us and not a drive we have previously been eager to take with our 3 young kids.  They have it every 2 years, so last year with kids 3,2, and not quite 1 I opted to hang back while Rob went solo.  This year we all made it.  Admittedly, it was still a drive I was not eager to make, but definitely more manageable.  In true kid fashion we were asked 453 times if we were "almost there yet".  And the word "Mom" was said approximately 1,287 times.  Give or take.

Our first night there was "Nautical Night".  I really struggled with this theme as far as costumes go.  In the end, Austin had a fish on his shirt.  That's as nautical as we got.  We dined on fish, shrimp, and other yummy goods.  We followed it up with the Dehner Olympics.  Partners were chosen out of a hat.  My kids couldn't have been happier with their random partners.  Especially Ellie.  I think Mark and her were the cutest contestants.  He was dressed like a pirate for a Nautical Night which threw her off a bit at first but after a few minutes she had him wrapped around her finger!

She was so smitten with him that the morning after we got back from the reunion I woke to her crying in her room and I went in to see what was bothering her and she sobbed "I just really miss my Mark!"

After the games the kids each got to make a shell bracelet.  Notice all the adults struggling to string these shells.  No easy feat!  But, the kids loved their finished products.

The next morning most of the guys went out fishing.  The grandkids and some of us parents went down to the lake and spent some time throwing rocks into the lake before hitting the beach.  I honestly didn't think my kids would like the lake.

They started off small.  Just putting their feet in.  It was still fairly chilly.

Then they got a little more brave.

And finally they were all up to their waist in the lake and we finally decided to just put swimsuits on and come back.  The highlight of this trip back was when Uncle Kerry pulled an almost dead fish out of the lake and showed it to the kids.

Having grown up with a nice clean pool in the backyard, I really had a hard time letting go and just letting the kids roll around in the sand and muck.  But, they had a blast so I guess we'll have to put "beach visits" on our list of things to do this summer.

From the lake we hit up the pool.  Mostly to rinse off.

Then the group that didn't go fishing decided to take a break from the little ones and head to the bar across the street from the resort.

A pretty small little joint, but they had a jukebox and that was entertainment enough for us.

Probably not the most flattering picture of Kristin....I think she's singing.  I think she enjoyed the jukebox more than anyone.  Bob and Patti walked back to the resort and sent Rob and Kerry to come get us ladies.  Then when that didn't work they sent Jaci and Tara to get us.  And finally Justin was sent over.  Honestly, I think Justin barely got in the bar before he ordered his own beer; clearly he wasn't putting forth his best effort in retrieving us!

We all made it back for Western Night.  I'm going to admit that from this point until about 10pm, the night is a bit of a blur.  I never did get a picture of all my kids in their western gear but I had a cowboy hat for everyone, jean skirts for the girls, boots borrowed for Ellie, and a cap gun for Austin.  He was quite upset he didn't have boots but the cap gun made up for it!

Before we knew it, it was Tuesday morning and time to drive back home for T-ball (Austin) and class (Rob).  It was a fun-filled weekend and we're glad we got the chance to see everyone.

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