Monday, June 6, 2011

Class of 2023

On May 31st, Austin had his kindergarten graduation ceremony.  I'm guessing there was about 85-90 kids in the kindergarten class at his elementary school (4 seperate afternoon classes). 

They all filed in to Pomp and Circumstance but we know who the cutest was:

And yes, I'm bias.  The kids sang a few numbers, recited some end of the year poems, each of the teachers got up to talk, and then they announced each kid, one by one.  For each child they said:

This is Austin Runchey.
Austin is 5 years old
In school, Austin likes to play with everything.
When Austin grows up, he wants to be a zoo keeper.

Except obviously, not each kid was Austin Runchey, and the items in italics were different for each kid.  Except for doctors....lots of doctors on the horizon. 

It was a nice personal touch, but in my opinion, it got a bit long.  After only about 30 kids Ellie asked (quite loudly) "When is this going to be over?".  She gave a couple people a giggle.  By the last class of kids those kindergartners up front weren't the only ones getting fidgety!

When they announced Austin he stood up and looked like this:

I was in the front row and immediately signaled for him to put his hands down at his sides.  Then I got this:

A kind of sad face.  So, I felt really bad and next time I'll just let my kid stand up there and grab whatever he wants!

Here's a picture of Austin's class:

They were a pretty great group of kids.  I had the opportunity to volunteer in his classroom and worked one on one with all of these kids so I felt like I knew them pretty well.  And his teacher was equally great.  It was Mrs. O'Neill's last year of teaching.  After 32 years she is ready to just be a Grandma.  Austin was lucky to have such a veteran teacher.

A couple more shots from the day:

And his whole cheering section:

So, from here it's off to 1st grade and a FULL day of school!  He's most excited to eat lunch at school.  If he takes after his mom at all, that is a novelty sure to wear off during the first week.

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Grandma R said...

Hi There!!
Looks like it was a pretty great day for Austin as well as for the rest of you. So sorry we had to miss it! Guess that will probably be happening alot with all the grand kids we have. Hope Austin knows we love him and are so proud of Him.
Love, Grandma and
Grandpa Runchey