Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Catch up!

I'm super behind on blogging.  I have good reasons, but it bothers me nonetheless.  I recently increased my hours at Cargill.  I'm still working from home, but 10x as much.  Now, it's only ~10 hours/week, so still not a lot by anyone else's standards, but it's a lot more than the ~4 hours/month I was doing.  In addition to the Cargill hours, I picked up a job at our local YMCA as a swim instructor, and then, of course, have that full time job of Youth Director at our house.  So, things have gotten a little bit hectic around here until I find my groove.  In the meantime, the blog (and housekeeping) takes a back seat to everything else. 

So, here is my bulleted list of things we have done:

May 28th:  Rob, Mike, and my dad installed what will someday be a new closet off the mudroom.  Our mudroom is small and Rob is in the process of gutting it and making all new built-in cubby/lockers for us.  To add to it, Rob suggested we utilize some of the space in our garage to make a candilever closet (is that the right word?) where I can house the vacuum, broom, etc.  Sounded good to me!  So, while they were doing that, I took the girls and headed to my mom's house where my girls proceeded to, literally, sit on Grandma's counter and make cookies with her.  They had a blast!

June 1st:  This guy turned 34!

The kids were really excited for him to come home so we could give him his remaining presents and order pizza, which was Rob's dinner request.  I also made some strawberry shortcake.  Rob got a Nook Color before Vegas as his birthday gift.  I think he is really enjoying it.  And when he's not using it, I try to sneak a game of suduko on it!

June 2nd:  That was the last day of school for Austin!  He is very excited to have the whole summer off.  More excited than a kid, who only goes to school for less than 3 hours a day, should be.  Makes me a bit nervous about him having to be there for the full day!  To celebrate they each had two popsicles when he got home.

June 3rd:  For the first official day of summer break, we headed to the zoo.  Grandpa Smith came with us and we finally got to tour the outside animals again after a long winter of only doing the inside animals!  I had this brilliant idea that it wouldn't be crowded because Shakopee got out earlier than other schools in MN, and nobody plans field trips this late in the year.....except that was not the case at all, and everyone apparently plans field trips for the end of the year.  It was a bit crowded, but being that Austin didn't need to catch an afternoon bus, we were in  no hurry.  The kids wore their swimsuits to have fun in the splash pad after lunch, but the zoo splash pad was not on yet.  No worries!  We stopped at the Burnsville splash pad on the way home and they had a great time there.  It was raining a little bit...but I guess when you're there to play in the water - who cares!  Within 15 minutes of getting home from the zoo and the splash pad I was informed my kids were bored and "what are we going to do".  It could be a very long summer....for me.

June 4th:  First outdoor movie.  We set it up on our deck this time.  I'm not sure why we switched it up, but it was nice.  The kids all had their sleeping bags layed out, the adults took some chairs, and we (and our neighbors) settled in to watch Tangled.  Popcorn, candy, and juice.  It was the perfect night for it.  Austin fell asleep halfway through.  Riley missed the last 15 minutes after she requested to go to bed, but Ellie made it the whole way and was giggling in bed at 10:40pm.  Once the kids were all in bed, Rob and I headed back out for an encore performance.  We watched an episode of True Blood.  After our movie was over I could have fallen asleep out there.  The weather was awesome!

June 5th:  More great weather.  Rob had some errands to run so the kids and I went out on the pontoon with my parents.

We had a little lunch and each of them got to drive.

That might have been the best boating weather I've experienced yet on their pontoon!  The highlight for Austin was probably seeing all the dead fish.  Nice.  But, we also saw a loon, which was a first for us on Spring Lake.  I can't wait to set sail again!

There ends the recap of our life lately.  Of course, by the time this post is published, we'll have had one more big event.....someone is turning 4 this week!

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