Monday, June 20, 2011

The Bribe Worked

This is an update that has been requested by my 5 (almost 6) year old.  He wanted me to record him riding his bike, without training wheels, so I could put it on the blog for everyone to see.

Seems like forever ago that we started this quest.  Shortly into the training I stooped down to a bribe.  Austin runs off bribes.  It's not a habit I'd like to continue...I'd like him to be the type of kid who just works hard and does well for his own gratification, but when times are tough....and teaching him to ride without training wheels definitely falls into this category.....the tough bribe.  The bribe was this:  If he can start by himself and ride from our end of the street all the way to the far end (about 15 houses away) and back without having to stop, then I will take him to the new Lego store at the Mall of America and he can get a new Lego set (within my price range).

He's been getting better and better and although he's probably had the skills to complete this challenge for a couple weeks now, he just yesterday was up for the official challenge.  We took a Father's Day bike ride to the park and he had absolutely no troubles.  And today he requested we ride to a park even further away.  Mid-way there, out of no where, he said "I'm awesome!".  Gotta love that modesty.

So, without further ado, here he is:

And after he got back to our drive way I turned off the recording and he said "I'm not done with my commercial!" so I started it up again and got this cheesiness:

Yes, that is a wink at the end. We are heading out for our Lego date next Wednesday night.

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Kerry said...

Way to go, Austin! Maybe we can all ride to meet at the park together!