Thursday, June 30, 2011

As Promised....

We found a beach.

After spending time on the beach at the Dehner reunion we promised our kids that we could find a lake by us with a beach to play at.  On Tuesday, we delivered.

This week seems to have been, so far, a rush of one water activity to the next.  Swimming at the Y, splash pad at the Y, sprinklers in the backyard, water tables, swimming at the Murphy's, a pontoon excursion, and now we can add the beach to the list (and this is all by Wednesday...only three days into the week). 

I still maintain that lakes are icky.  But, the kids loved it.  I even caught a fish in Ellie's sand bucket.  It looked like a tadpole or baby catfish.  Rob observed and confirmed it was a little tiny bullhead.  Nice.

Austin spent his time running into the water.

And then back out.

The girls only went into the water to fill their buckets to make their "sand castles" which really just involved them dumping buckets of water on the sand.

I guess as far as lakes go, this one was nice.  It wasn't crowded (granted, we went at 6:15pm), it didn't have weeds everywhere, it was very calm water, and they had roped off the "shallow" end.  And the "deep" end at it's almost deepest part didn't cover Austin's head.  We went there so that Rob could practice swimming in a real lake for his upcoming triathalon.  I'm not sure if this was great practice for that since the water was so smooth, but I guess at least he got a taste for it.  Probably literally.

Up next, we are going to compromise.  Shakopee has a sand bottom community pool.  The best of both worlds....right?  Clean water with a beachy feel.

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