Monday, May 9, 2011

Too Soon?

My dad always had a rule growing up for when Spring arrived and we all wanted to start wearing shorts to school when the temperatures were still obscene.  Or maybe it was my mom....but either way, one of them stated that the temps had to be at least 65 before we could wear shorts.  As a kid, that was torture, but as a parent now I see the logic.  Actually, now as a parent I think they were being generous.

And generous is how I was feeling on Saturday when the sun was shining and Rob was setting up our sprinklers for the year.  The kids had asked him if they could put on their swimsuits and jump through the sprinklers.  He deferred to me.  At first I said they were crazy and tried to change the subject.  But, they're nothing if not persistent and I finally gave in and figured they'd freeze their little tushes off and come running back to me for towels and warmth.

That never happened.

I finally brought out towels for them to rest on the driveway but no sooner would they all lay down...

...than someone would jump up and start the cycle again.

We have 9 zones for our sprinkler system and they tested them all.  It wasn't until they finished their picnic lunch on the deck, and the sun went behind a big cloud, that they finally decided maybe it was a little chilly to be wearing swimsuits.

With some fresh sunburns (rusty sunscreen skills) they all went to sleep.  I think the temperatures did just barely tip 70 that day so maybe the 65 degree rule will reign in this house too.

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Carol said...

That was Dad's rule but a good one. The best part was I always said, ask your Dad and he never caved like I would have.