Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rainy Day = Craft Day

The kids and I were buzzing through Target yesterday when we spied some crafts in the $1 section.  Knowing today had a forecast of rain I let them each pick out a crafty critter to make.

And rain it did.  We only made it until 7:45am before they were begging me to do their crafts.  I agreed to it once everyone was finished with breakfast.  Suddenly no one was hungry; everyone was full. 

The craft itself wasn't anything amazing, but it was time consuming.  The purpose was to stick these foam cubes onto a plastic dome, and then add eyes and other appendages to make whatever critter you were going for.  As a side note, if you purchase your own set of these....the accessories need glue, they are not self-sticking (I found that annoying).

What I found most interesting was the way in which each of the kids tackled the project.  Austin was making a monkey and only wanted to work with one color of foam at a time.  Below, the light brown is almost all done.

He's also the type of kid who eats his food one group at a time (ex: first the carrots, then the sandwich, then the chips, etc).

Riley put them on in random clusters.  Her ladybug had some bald spots so I helped her fill them in at the end, but, I was surprised at how much she did without my help.

Ellie was the most methodical about it.  She started at the bottom and went all the way around, then started her second row.

I don't think it says much about her personality, but this is how she tackles all projects.  She really takes her time and thinks things through.

Riley finished first since I helped her the most.  Then she was playing by herself, went to the bathroom, and came out like this:

She was quite proud of her silliness and walked around like that for over an hour.

The final products:

Monkey - Austin
Fish - Ellie
Ladybug - Riley

By the time they were all finished the sun was out.  Mission accomplished.

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