Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I want to move

I want to move and I want all our family and friends to come with.  I think we need to collectively agree that San Diego is where we all should be living.  I just got back from a 4 night trip there and while it was freezing (even snowing!) here in MN, it was a beautiful 75-85 degrees every day I was in San Diego.

A friend of mine recently moved there to do her post-doc research at Scripps.  This is the same friend, Carrie, whom I normally take a ski trip with in northern California.  This year, her move coincided with the time we usually take our ski trip so we decided that instead of skiing I would just come and visit her in San Diego after she was settled in.  It worked out well because I had $200 in Sun Country vouchers to use up by May, so  I gave her 2 months to "settle in" before I went out to see her. 

I didn't arrive until almost 7pm Thursday so we didn't do much other than get lost on our way out of the airport (she hadn't mastered that area yet) and grab a bite to eat.  Carrie needed to run into work the next morning to let some rats into their boxes (she researches addiction) so she dropped me off at Torrey Pines Golf Course with her golf clubs and I bought a large bucket of balls.  Only 35 minutes and 110 balls later I still had over 1.5 hours to waste so I walked around the course a bit.

I only had my iPod with me to snap pictures so they are pretty fuzzy, but still, it was beautiful.  And, this was the worst weather I experienced my whole time there.  I enjoyed a nice lunch out on their patio and finished up in time for Carrie to pick me back up.  From there, we headed to Torrey Pines State Park to do a little hiking.  The views were fantastic.

Carrie captured our self-portrait as well as one of just me.

We hiked back down to the beach and walked the beach all the way back to our car.  After hiking up this mini mountain and back down the water felt wonderful on my feet!  She showed me a little bit more of her neighborhood and we cooked some tilapia for dinner.  It was pretty tasty and something I think I might throw on our menu at home.

The next morning she humored me with a morning run.  Carrie isn't one to "rise and shine" so this was a grand gesture.  Something in the air there allowed me to run twice what I would normally do, and I barely felt winded afterwards.  I'm telling you...it's a magical place!  The rest of the day was spent touring some of the surrounding neighborhoods.  Which led us to a couple Open Houses.  We decided "why not" and entered a couple multi-million dollar homes.  Immediately the realtors started asking us questions about what we do and what not.  I stated I was just visiting and Carrie said she worked at Scripps.  While they drilled her with questions I checked out what 7 million will get you in the area.

Not bad.  But small.  3 bedrooms, one level, and I think, only 1600 sq ft.

On Sunday Carrie surprised me by agreeing to yet another run in the morning.  Not quite as long as Saturday's but it still felt great.  Post run we went to a cool hotel for brunch and to La Jolla cove to watch the Sea Lions, Seals, and check out the tide pools. 

On Monday morning I let Carrie sleep and set out on my own.  Her location is perfect so I was able to just walk about a 1/2 mile to Starbucks and then down a block or two to the ocean.  I could definitely get used to starting my mornings like that!  I couldn't get passed how pedestrian friendly the whole area was.

Everything was so beautiful and blooming there.  On my way back to her apartment I snapped this picture because I kept seeing these flowers and I thought they looked like a tropical bird...at least the head of one. 

She informed me they are called "Birds of Paradise" and that I wasn't as clever as I thought I was.

Our last day we drove to Coronado island to see what it was like.  Yet another place I could live (once we make our millions).  Miles of wide open beaches and cute little shops.  I played with my camera and took a panaramic shot looking back at downtown San Diego.

But, all things must come to an end, and from Coronado we went to the airport.  Once I was on the plane the pilot told us it was 39 degrees in Minneapolis. 

It will be a hard decision next year between skiing or San Diego.  Maybe I'll have to start taking two trips a year!

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