Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Since we didn't have any major plans for Spring Break, we decided to make a family fun day of Friday, and then head down to Ankeny, IA to visit with Rob's brother's family for the weekend!

Rob took the day off from work and we headed to the Science Museum in the morning.  We decided we'd just buy a membership because by the time we had paid for our whole family, we'd only have to go one or two times more in a year to make it pay for itself.  As it turns out, Cargill gets a 25% discount on membership there.  So, after my discount, and some gift cards we had from Christmas, we only paid $16 for our year long membership! 

As we toured the exhibits Riley picked up every telephone she saw.  I had no idea why she was so entranced by these phones until I figured out that they were Audio explanations of the displays.  So, whenever she picked up a phone someone started talking to her.

While Riley learned about the difference between a muscle cell and a fat cell, Ellie and Rob explored the underside of a giant thumb nail.

And then Riley was discussing the healing qualities of skin.

Austin was pretty excited once we got to the dinosaur area.

I told him if he stood just right it would look like the triceratops was eating his head.....sort of.

He ran around that area explaining all of the dinosaurs to me.  And then he spent a little bit of time versing their "dinosaur specialist" on the life Entelodont (which was nicknamed "killer pig"...picture a huge, vicious, wart hog).

We all enjoyed our time at the Science Museum and we're happy we have the membership as we'll definitely be heading back.

After the museum, we piled in the car and drove to Cabela's in Owatana to check out their stuffed animals (and I don't mean cute teddy bears) and fish and to grab some lunch.  We made the mistake of eating at the Sportsman Cafe and then dealt with the after effects at the Iowa rest top for 45 minutes.  Live and learn.

Only half way through our drive Austin was already getting ansy to see his cousins.  He had already resorted to dressing up his football in his sunglasses.

Once we got to Ankeny, I thought the kids all did a great job playing together.  Ellie and Riley were delighted to have their very own girls only sleepover in Taylor's room!  Austin slept in Isaac's room.  Hunter didn't have any visitors in his room, but judging by his hesitancy to leave the boys alone, it won't be long.

Riley and Hunter spent a little time relaxing on Saturday with Caillou.  Those older cousins can wear a kid out!

Speaking of wearing kids out.  Dave and Lynne are on to something in that department.  With Dave coaching at the schools, he has access to the high school gym in the evening.  We all went there Saturday night to run around.  Taylor and Lynne played softball.  Isaac, Rob, and Dave played basketball.  Hunter shot some basket with his mini hoop.  Me and my crew chased each other around.  Eventually a big game of dodgeball was started.  Once everyone was officially worn out we headed back to their house for Pjs and bedtime.
 So, for not having much planned for Spring Break, we did pretty good.  We had an awesome weekend!  Thanks Dave and Lynne for letting us crash with you!

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Lynne said...

We were so happy to have you guys come and visit us. The kids are looking forward to the next time we can all get together!