Saturday, April 9, 2011

He's and She's

Yesterday I came upstairs to find a note on Austin's door.

I thought to myself..."here we go", as I was sure we had entered the stage of "No Girls Allowed".  Then I studied the note:

What the heck did that say? 

It took me a few minutes but I finally decoded the message.  It said "He's and She's".  Only, the apostrophes were more like "i"s.  I knocked on the door, announced I was a "she" and asked if that meant I could come it.  He said "Of course you can, you saw the sign!". 

Of course.

I asked him why he put it there.  He said he just wanted everyone to know they were allowed to come in.  Both boys and girls were allowed.

Ellie was very excited about this.  She asked him if he would write a note for her door that said "everybody can come in" and Austin said "No."  Ellie said, "How about 'All People'"? and Austin said "No.  How about 'He's and She's".

Turns out Austin has no idea how to spell "Everybody" or "People", but has a fairly good grasp on "He's and She's" (minus the use of an apostrophe), so that is what he was willing to write.

Ellie and Riley both put in their orders and everyone had a sign on their door within a few minutes.  We're a very inviting family.

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