Friday, April 22, 2011

A Good Friday, Indeed!

I knew it was going to be a good day when the kids let me sleep in.  Well, in their own way.  Austin and Riley were the first up, but instead of coming into our room and standing inches from my face they went into Austin's room and just played.  I'd love to say they played quietly and allowed Ellie and I to continue sleeping, but they are 5 and 2, so we know that's not what happened.  Still, no one came in my room until 7:15.  And I was awoken to the sounds of Star Wars rather than someone literally breathing down my neck. 

After breakfast we all got ready and headed to the Murphy's to dye Easter eggs (Rob has the day off).  Kerry had stumbled upon someone's blog who used kool-aid and water to dye eggs.  Intrigued, and interested in avoiding the vinegar smell, we decided to get the gang together to try it out.

Each kid had 5 eggs (counted many times by Ellie.  Counting is her new "thing").  Riley got her hands on the orange kool-aid and had all her eggs died in record time.  She wasn't interested in other colors.  I tried to encourage purple, but she later re-dyed my attempts orange.  Actually, she dyed all her eggs several times, all orange, each time, but happy with each result.

Actually each of my kids probably would have picked a color and done the same but the older two were a little more adventurous once they watched their cousins work on their creations.  Austin went for a little half and half action:

Ellie was certain she wanted mostly pink.  Shocking.  After her eggs were dyed, she counted them a few more times, each time handling them a bit more rough than the time before and I'm shocked that her eggs are not broken.

I didn't get a good shot of everyone's eggs.  But, the kool-aid worked just as well as the dye kits you can buy.  My kids weren't quite patient enough to let the eggs soak for longer than 30 seconds but still got decent results.

After the Murphy's we headed home for a quick break in the action before we took everyone to see the movie "Rio".  This trip wasn't quite as successful as Tangled, but wasn't bad.  Everyone sat in their own seats the whole time (unless they were out of their seats dancing..sometimes Rob just can't be controlled).  Both Ellie and Riley had to go to the bathroom at separate times, and Austin did NOT like the evil bird in the movie.  Also, he was loud.  But, we were at a movie on a Friday at 11:40am...everyone had kids so no one seemed to care.

We even got home in time for the girls to nap (which they NEEDED).  Tonight Jake and Maddie are coming over for a sleepover so the fun isn't over yet!

Hope everyone has had an equally delightful Friday!

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