Friday, March 18, 2011

Wacky Hair Day

Today is "Wacky Hair Day" at Austin's school.  At first he didn't want to participate.  He is, oddly, very picky about his hair.  Judging by the constant mess in his room, you would never peg this kid and someone who is particular about his appearance, but he was fairly certain he just wanted his hair to be flat as usual. 

But, the classmates must have been discussing their wacky hair ideas because he came home from school yesterday and announced he wanted it spikey. 

And if Austin gets to have a fun day at school then the girls are positive they should do the same at home.  Ellie's hair is naturally "wacky".  Actually, this morning she vomitted in bed and had some in her hair so it was more "wacky" than we were going for.  A quick shower and three pony tails and she was satisfied. (By the way, it was a random, isolated puking....she seems fine).

Riley just decided she wanted "two piggies".

During  the picture I said the traditional "Say Cheese!" and Austin kept saying "Choose" instead....hence his fish face.

We're a little wacky all the time around here.

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Sue H said...

Especially love the fish lips with the wacky hair! This photo is a treasure that you'll need to revisit in ten or 15 years...