Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hopefully Our Last Snow Day

We had a nice taste of spring last week.  Austin even wore his new spring jacket one day.  Fast forward a couple days and we have another 3 inches of snow.

Today the girls and I spent an hour outside after Austin got on the bus.  We went out back, where we haven't been since the beginning of winter.  They had a blast climbing all over the swingset and it made us all a little anxious for spring (and summer) to arrive. 

 Both of my girls are snow eaters.  I will not miss this.  In the backyard it's not as bothersome, but out front I'm always looking out for yellow snow along the sidewalk.  Gross.

Ellie was very concentrated on her climb up the rock wall.  She was giving herself a little pep talk the whole way up...."You can do're so close....yes! Victory!"  (she's been able to climb the wall for a year or more now...this is nothing new).  She's always had a bit of a flare for the dramatics.

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