Friday, March 4, 2011

A Day with Nature

This morning the kids and I were all trying to think of something different to do.  I gave them options and they answered unanimously each time.

Playworks or something else? --Something else
Inside or Outside? -- Outside
Mall or Someplace else?  -- Someplace else
Nature Center or Sledding? -- Nature Center

So off we went.  I know I've blogged about this place before, but it really is a gem.  The Richardson Nature Center is the perfect getaway for any kind of day. forecasted 30 degrees which sounded nice, but once we got out there it sure didn't feel like the heat wave I was expecting.  Nonetheless, the kids got right down to business.

A lot of "new" forts were set up since the last time we were there so they enjoyed exploring them.

Austin was really excited when he found this stick because it was the shape of a birds foot.  It's the little things.

Speaking of little things....or not at all, Ellie wanted a stick too.  I was a little worried she was going to claim this was her choice.  Weight won out in the end though and she put it down abotu about 40 seconds.

About a half hour in Austin took note of some older kids climbing all over the fallen tree trunks and from that point on I think he could have stayed the rest of the day. 

Ellie and Riley found things to climb a little closer to the ground.

Once I was officially freezing (I didn't dress myself appropriately) we headed inside to check out the animals and books.  The girls put on a 30 second puppet show for me.  Ellie was a moose and Riley was a fly.  Ellie said "Hi, I'm Mr. Moose and I'm looking for a fly to eat.....hmmmm....there's one!  Chomp!" and she ate Riley's puppet.  The End.

Austin spent a lot of time exploring the murals today.  I wanted to know what he was thinking about because he was really concentrating on them and you know that kid is always thinking about something.

Then we all headed upstairs to the bird deck to see the turkeys.  I told the kids if they were quiet they'd be able to hear them (the center has microphones outside) and they actually sat still and quiet in the room for about 10 minutes.  It was very peaceful.  Then I realized it was 11:45 and we needed to trek back to the car, go home, scarf down some lunch and get Austin on the bus.  So much for peace and quiet.

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