Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter Fun Day

Yesterday I had a full day of outside fun!  I've been spending a lot of time outside with the warmer weather we've been having.  A couple weeks ago there was a Groupon deal for a $27 lift ticket to Trollhaugen ski area in Dresser, WI.  I called my friend, Carrie, who does all my adventures with me and she agreed we should check it out.  She'll be moving to San Diego in a few days so this would be a fun last day together before she left (which, by the way, is a complete bummer).  She bought her Groupon but when I went to buy mine, the deal was done.  Oh well, no big deal and it would still be fun if I paid full price.

When we arrived I quickly realized I forgot my ski pants....again.  I forgot my ski pants last time Carrie and I went skiing.  The cheapest pair they sold was $70 so I passed and decided to try my luck.  When we walked in to buy our lift tickets a guy pulled me aside and said he had a buy one get one free coupon and was looking for someone to split it with.  Lucky me!  I got my lift ticket for $20.50!  Even better than the Groupon deal!

We decided Trollhaugen was okay, but maybe not worth the drive out there.  I also finally decided that any "black diamond" in the Midwest really just means a blue square run with just a tiny bit more of a slope for the first 20 feet.  Which isn't a big deal....I'm not really a "need for speed" kind of skier....but it's nice to challenge yourself now and again.

The real fun happened after we called it quits with the skiing.  Right next door is Trollhaugen's Snow tubing!

For just $5 we got an hour of tubing.  You ride the magic carpet up to the top of the hill and tube down.  This was far more fun than I anticipated!  A person can really get going on this hill.  Carrie and I both caught some air off their small "jumps" on more than one occasion.  And you can link your tubes together to make huge chains of people too.  This would be a really fun place to have a winter birthday party.  Look for your invitations next December around the 29th!

As I look out at the first snow starting to fall (of the up to 20" forecasted) it looks like  my winter adventures aren't over yet!

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