Friday, February 11, 2011

Tapless Tap Dance

Ellie had her final tap class today.  I know you've all be eagerly waiting for the video of her latest 'recital'.  Your wait is over!  Enjoy!

My mom and I struggled a little bit trying to see her since she was in the back (for the first half) so I apologize for the shaky video skills.  But, Ellie solved that problem for us by finding a new spot in the front row halfway through.  Thanks Ellie!  When you can't see Ellie, just watch the other little girl in the front row, with the curls and black/pink outfit...that's pretty much what Ellie was doing.  I think the routine got a little long for the younger 3 year olds attention span.

After the dance she showed off her cartwheel skills.  That's a whole other video.  Poor girl just does not trust herself enough to give the cartwheel a real shot.  I can't blame her as I'm fairly certain I'd be scared to try one right now.  Cartwheels are awkward...I was always more of  "Round-off" kinda gal.

I still haven't decided if the next session is in her future or not.  It's another session of "Jazz" which she has already done so I'm contemplating having her sit this one out and rejoin the group when it switches to ballet.  Both girls are kind of bears in the evening when they miss their naps for these lessons, but at the same time Ellie really loves them so it's hard to say no.

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