Tuesday, February 8, 2011

She knows it

Ellie is on a very big "Aren't I sweet" kick.

She is usually the first one up.  She sneaks into our room, gets right next to my face and loudly whispers "Mom!  I love you!.....Can I lay next to you?"  and when I let her crawl in next to me she says  "I dreamed of snuggling with you." and when I barely acknowledge her statement because I'm still hanging on to the last few minutes of sleep she says "Mom....isn't that so sweet of me to say?"

The majority of the day is filled with more of the same.  It's as if someone has been telling this girl all her life how cute she is.....oh wait.

I can't take a picture of Ellie without her first striking this pose that she is positive illustrates her inner most sweetness.  Then she runs across the room and yanks a toy from her little sisters hands.

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