Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lost in Translation

As I mentioned earlier, when the girls wake up (always before Austin...bless him) they come into my room and lay in bed with me and usually request to watch a cartoon.  We have the ability to stream Netflix in our bedroom, so they usually request some sort of Nick Jr. cartoon.  Today Riley was up first so Riley picked Dora. 

On a side note, Dora drives me nuts.  She doesn't say anything, she screams everything!  It's annoying.  Even more so when it's the first thing you hear in the morning.

Todays show was about....well, I don't know what it was about becuase I was pretending to still be asleep but I do know that Dora's spanish word of the day was "abajo" (ah-bah-hoe).  It means down.  And in order to get a balloon out of the sky Dora requested that her little viewers yell "Abajo!".  Well, Ellie and Riley did not want to disappoint so they started yelling it as loud as they could.  The louder the better in Dora's eyes.  So, Ellie is yelling "Abajo...Abajo!!!" and Riley was right along with her.  Only Riley wasn't quite as articulate as Ellie and what Riley was yelling came out "A butt hole!  A butt hole!"

It definitely started my morning with a smile.


Kerry said...

Maybe she should take French when she gets older. :)

The Pats said...

Gotta love it! It made me chuckle this morning too.