Sunday, February 6, 2011

Excuse the Crime Scene

What a day.

The last child woke up today leaving me with 20 minutes to feed him breakfast and get him dressed before we needed to leave the house to get to church.  Yes, I could have woke him up earlier, but part of me was hoping he'd sleep even later and then I could just skip church because my child obviously needed rest.  No dice.

Post-church we headed to Super Target to pick up some breads for the "Soup"erbowl party my sister was hosting.  We got home around 11:30 and I noticed that our home phone wasn't working.  This happens from time to time and it is typically related to our internet cable.  Sure enough, the internet was also not working.  I went in the basement to jiggle the usual wires to no avail. 

Next step is to call Comcast. Only, I don't know their number. I can't look it up because we don't keep phone books around here because we have the internet for that (usually).  I can't find my cellphone because I really don't use it that often and I can't call my cell number to make it ring to help me find it because my home phone doesn't work......see where this is going?  I did finally find my cell along with a comcast bill to get me talking to a service tech.

During all this, the kids have eaten lunch and were playing nicely upstairs.

I was down in the basement re-jiggling the wires because the service tech didn't believe my earlier attempts.  That is when I heard it.

Thump thump thump smash!  ......WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

I looked up the first flight of stairs to find Riley coming around the corner with blood pouring out of her mouth.  She had ridden her toy firetruck down our stairs (backwards I think).

I stammered something to the tech on the phone about needing to go and blood and threw the phone down.  I grabbed Riley in a football hold, cupped my hand around her mouth, bolted up the stairs and set her in the sink.  I sat there trying to examine her mouth to figure out where she was bleeding from but it was everywhere and just kept coming.  I finally soaked up enough to find that she had almost bitten through her bottom lip.

I got the bleeding to stop, gave her some tylenol and a popsicle (my effort at icing the area) and called my parents.  Her teeth didn't go through the lip, but it was close and I wasn't sure what protocol was for a mouth wound that seemed under control but still looked really bad.  I was still without the internet so I had my parents give me numbers to the urgent care.  An hour later and I had Riley down for a nap, a confirmation from the Dr. on call that unless she bit all the way through her lip I didn't need to take her in for stitches, and had cleaned up most of the blood.  Can I mention one last time how much blood there was?

With that out of the way I called Comcast back to figure out my internet situation.  They were sending someone out to help me.  Finally, at 2:30 I sat down to eat lunch.  Once that was done I set to work sealing the tiles of the backsplash I installed yesterday (I promise to reveal it once it's complete later this week).  When I was done with that I played Star Wars with Austin.  Then our comcast guy showed up.  He needed to go down the basement to jiggle those pesky wires one last time and on his way down the stairs he stopped short and gave me a weird look.

If he only knew the day I was having.  I was proud of myself for what I was able to clean up, but these spots were a little stubborn.  I just said "Oh, yeah, that.  Please excuse my crime scene". 

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