Saturday, February 26, 2011

$3 for 15 minutes

Still struggling with keeping the kids busy and away from other kids, we hit up Michaels today.  We went there with the intention of buying a craft for everyone to work on together.  The consensus was we would buy jumbo fuse beads.  Then I realized my 40% off coupon was expired and the beads were $10 so I steered them towards the $1 aisle. 

After much deliberation we walked out of there with 3 wooden toys to be painted and a promise to come back next week with a coupon to get the jumbo fuse beads.

Once at home I prepped the table and the kids.  I got everyone their own paints and paintbrush and suggested the use one color at a time.  I'm all for creativity and doing your own thing, but it drives me a bit nuts when the smear their colors together into one big brown mess.  Also, I was hoping it would take them longer to paint their little masterpieces if they concentrated on one color at a time.

At first I was impressed.  They were actually heading my advice:

Then they each finished their projects.....but they still had paint left.  What's a kid to do?  They just could not resist not using ALL their paint so they kept layering it on.  When I noticed this was happening I busted out the paper for them to use up the rest of their paints.  But, that wasn't as fun.

All that work and clean up really only bought me about 15 minutes of entertained kids.  I think we're going back to fort building.

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