Sunday, January 16, 2011

Update for Dad

My dad has informed me that the blog is growing cob webs.  Trust me, if I had anything worthwhile to write about....I would.  But, to appease my dad, here are 5 things that have happened since the last post.  Hold onto your hats, this is going to be an amazing post {you can't read sarcasm, but if you could, this would be thick}!

1.  Rob and I attended an outing through his work called Nordic Night.  My parents took the kids over night and we went to Woodhill Country Club where we enjoyed a nice warm meal before we headed outside for the rest of the night to partake in outdoor winter games.  We signed up for the kicksled relay, curling, platform tennis, and luge.  Do you know what a kicksled is? I didn't, so here you go:

Well, we took these and stood behind them and ran a 4x2 relay (I think that's what it would be called) on ice.  I'm quite certain our sleds were from the early 1900s.  I'm also certain it would have been far safer to just ask us to run a couple laps around the ice without pushing one of these.  I also learned some people have no trouble running on ice and others (myself included) have no business doing more than a slow walk on ice.  I did take a fall within my first 10 steps of the championship race and jammed my thumb and bruised my knees, and probably cost us first place....sorry team.  But, proof that I really was not feeling all that great when I stood up and finished my leg of the race:
Those are my knees the next day.  One obviously more bruised than the other but both sore.

I digress, next up was curling.  I LOVED curling and have since tried to find a place where we could play again.  I guess that is easier said than done and in order to curl around here you have to be part of a club.  And because we were having so much fun curling we missed our chance at platform tennis and the luge closed down due to safety issues before we tried it.

2.  Rob and Austin have started ski lessons.  Actually, they are 2/3 of the way through with them.  They are taking lessons at Hyland Hills in Bloomington.  They have a nice set up there where the kids can take lessons and then they offer parents lessons at the same time (different group) so you aren't just sitting there waiting or driving yourself back at a different time for your own lesson.  Austin and Rob are both enjoying them.  Rob is actually getting private lessons (for a group price) because he is "special".  Out of the 5 adults in his group he said 3 were pretty good skiers already and 1 had been out a few times so knew the basics.  Since Rob was a complete beginner they split up the group and he was assigned his own teacher.  Austin started his first lesson with a bloody nose.  His second lesson went well and blood-free.  He is having a great time and after the lessons are over they will get a "ski free" ticket to use whenever they want so I hope to join the boys for a day on the slopes soon.

3.  Ellie has started her no tap shoes tap dancing class.  She absolutely LOVES dance class.  We can't see anything going on in the class but I hear her teacher tapping away so they must be learning something.  I think we're in for another doozy of a video of the dance recital.  Stay tuned!

4.  I still am without my car.  We took it to Ford, they put in a new transmission.  We took it back, they put in new spark plugs and wires.  We took it back again and they have finally decided the transmission is still broken.  Then they took a week to determine they didn't have the right tool to open the transmission.  Then they took another week to bring the van to a dealer that did have the tool.  As of tomorrow they will have had the car for two weeks (plus some time before we brought it back twice).  I can give you my opinions on 3 cars I've had since they have had mine:

a) newer dodge minivan
b) Ford F150 tank
c) Yukon

The van was not much different than my van.  Some nice bells and whistles I'm missing but can do without.  The Ford was ginormous.  It's actually Rob's dad's truck (they were in Australia so it was just sitting in our driveway).  I felt completely bad-ass in that truck and could have conquered the world but it really was not condusive to 3 carseats and small kids that needed a step ladder to get in the cab.  The Yukon is a lot like the F150 only a bit lower to the ground and a tiny bit easier to park.  I'm enjoying the Yukon but would enjoy it more if I had three kids that independently buckled themselves into their seats so I didn't have to crawl back there.  Mostly, I just want my van back.

5.  I can't think of a #5.  Four will have to do Dad.


The Pats said...

My sympathies, Tracy - your knees look so sore. Also, on your car troubles; those are almost as painful as your knees look. Hope things are looking better by now.

P.S. Chill out Dan.

Dan said...

Hey everybody you thought the same thing. I as the only brave enough to say something.

Jane said...

Hate car troubles. What I want to know is this "If those are the bruises you got from the kicksledding what safety issue happened on the luge to actually close it down???"