Monday, January 24, 2011

Sesame Street Live

In 1st grade my best friend invited me to attend Sesame Street Live with her (and her mom) instead of going on the planned school field trip to a farm.  Either would have been fun but anything with your best friend is the best so I was pretty excited.  But, at the last minute she decided she wanted to go to the farm instead so we never went.  Well, I finally got to see the show! 

On Friday, Patti, Ellie, Riley, and I all went to the Target Center for Sesame Street Live "Healthy Heroes".  I'd say the venue was only about 40% full.  We were in the 9th row on the floor and we were the only people in our whole row of seats.  Plenty of room to spread out!

Right when we got in our seats Ellie started to check out the treat options.  First, we settled on mini donuts.

Next up was a slushy for each girl.  Red for Ellie:

And blue for Riley:

Those pictures were after their very first sips.  By the end of the slushy Riley was starting to resemble Cookie Monster.

The show was full of songs and dancing.  I had no idea that Cookie Monster could do the splits!  A couple of times the girls got out of their seats to dance a bit.  Ellie got to shake hands with Oscar's girlfriend (Grundgetta) but Riley was a few seconds too late.  Riley was pretty worried about Super Grover (who lost his super power) and everytime he left the stage she would whimper that she wanted Super Grover back.

With about 15 minutes left of the show Riley had had enough.  She was ready to go.  Once the show was officially over Ellie jumped out of her seat and said "Let's go get my prize!"  Referring to all the kids who had glowing wands, balloons, and other various trinkets.  I tried to tell her we'd go to Target to pick up a Sesame Street character, but deep down I knew that wouldn't work.  It was worth a shot.  In the end I steered them each toward a $15 (good grief!) plush character.  Riley selected Ernie and Ellie picked Zoe.

Grandma Patti did a good job keeping the girls awake on our way home (it was 9:30pm once we got there!) and they hopefully went to sleep dreaming about cute furry monsters!


The Snyder Family said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed Sesame Street Live....I took Kelly when she was two and this year we took Molly when she was two. They both LOVED it....they are such cute shows! Yes, the trinkets are WAY TOO expensive. Kelly got the little soccer ball a few years ago and Molly got the glowy thing this year. They still play with both, so I guess that's good! I love reading your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so excited the girls got to go to a show. We got a mini Sesame Street show at Sea World right before Christmas and Jonah was in heaven. I'll just keep watching the schedule and hopefully we can go too sometime!