Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Waiting for Dad

Most days are the same around here.  There are certain routines the kids don't like to break from.  Some of them I'd get rid of in a heartbeat...like waking up at 6am (ahem Riley, I'm looking at you!).  Others I would be sad to see go...like morning hugs I get from all the kids.  Another routine I enjoy, from the sidelines, is the wrestling match the kids insist on having every night with Rob.

Rob barely walks in the door and the kids all greet him with "Let's wrestle!!!"  But the wrestling ring doesn't open until after dinner.  Tonight I took a little video of their typical brawl. 

*No dads were hurt in the filming of this video (at least not tonight)

After the wrestling match, while Rob was laying defeated on the floor, they all climbed onto his back and demanded a horsey ride.  Rob isn't one to disappoint.

When Rob is traveling I try to step into this role, but the truth is, I don't really enjoy being pummeled by my children and I don't have a big enough back to hold all three for a horsey ride.  There is absolutely no replacement for him.  We'll let him stick around a bit longer to take more of our abuse.

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