Friday, December 24, 2010


We've  been enjoying a wonderful Christmas Eve in our house!  The kids slept in (relatively) and after breakfast we all headed to the gym to do some swimming.  Austin went down the two story slide all by himself (several times).  Ellie and Riley also enjoyed their fair share of slide rides, but on the laps of Rob or myself.  Our kids definitely have no fear of the water which is fun for us all. 

We worked up an apetite swimming and treated ourselves to yumy lunches of Chipotle (for Rob and me) and McDonald's for the kids.  We even splurged for Happy Meals.... ho ho ho!

After lunch was naps and while Rob was running some last minute errands I took Christmas carol requests at the piano while the kids had a dance party behind me. 

When Rob got back with the eggs, we got down to the business of making cookies for Santa.  We've either waited until the last minute, or we wanted to make sure the jolly old elf received fresh cookies - however you want to look at it.

Austin added the mix, Riley added the butter, and Ellie added the egg.  They each got a turn to stir and then they were completely in charge of stuffing our new Christmas cookie pan.

That part took a little trial and error.  By the finall three cookies, I finally figured it out.  Less is more.

Cookies are done.

We've cleaned up the house so Santa and his Prep and Landing team (if you haven't already seen this little movie, put it on your to-do's one of my new Christmas favorites!) don't trip over toys on their way in, and I think we might let each kid open one present tonight.  That one present will most likely be selected by me and it will most likely be a new pair of pajamas for each of them.

Bring it on Santa, the Runchey's are ready!

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