Monday, December 27, 2010

Let's go to the Movies!

Today, after having been in our house for about 4 days straight, I was going a little stir crazy.  But, at 12pm it was too close to nap time to really go anywhere, not to mention we hadn't eaten lunch yet.  Then, at 12:05 Rob asked me how brave I was feeling.  Not wanting to fall into any traps I asked him why before I answered.  He told me that the movie "Tangled" was playing at 12:25 in Shakopee. 

Ellie and Riley have never been to a movie.  I think Austin was late 3s when he first attended one and I have been wanting to take Ellie to this particular movie since it was released.  However, I had NOT intended to take Riley with on the adventure.  Four days in a house makes you a little crazy I guess.  Half of us were still in PJs so we quickly got everyone dressed, I packed some sippy cups, whatever snacks I could find, and Riley's blanket into a giant purse and away we went!

I didn't think it would be too busy.  I figured most parents probably had Thursday and Friday off from work and were back to the grindstone today.  I told myself it would be no big deal if Riley was...well, a 2 year old, because no one would really be there.  I was wrong.  It is probably the most people I've ever seen at the Shakopee theater (I'd wager 30% of Shakopee citizens don't even know we have a movie theater because it's off the beaten path).  But, from the moment the kids sat down they were perfect.  Rob came back with a popcorn/pop/candy tray for each of them and I don't think we heard a word from any of them for the next 2 hours.  Except laughter.  Oh, and Riley's demand for "More Sugar!" The candy included in the popcorn tray was pixie stix.  It would be an understatement to say Riley loved them.

Ellie was a movie natural!  She loved every minute of it.  While Riley and Austin wanted to get out of their seats and into our laps Ellie was content to sit in her chair the entire time and didn't utter a word.  She was too busy shoveling the popcorn into her mouth. 

I've been looking forward to this stage of our young family for quite awhile.  To be able to just pack into the car and do fun things without having to worry about missing naps or where to change a diaper.  I can't say the movies will be a routine for us, as 5 of us at the movies with treats isn't cheap, but it's nice to know that plenty of adventures await us without the time constraints of naps.

Of course, you better believe that if I am home those girls are taking their naps!  Four days in this house might have made me a little crazy, but not THAT crazy.

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Kristy said...

That sounds like fun. Matt is taking Micah to his first movie on Thursday. They are undecided between Yogi and Tangled. I look forward to the day when the four of us can all go. Very cool.