Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

I absolutely love birthdays!  Yesterday was mine.

Rob brought me a muffin and cup of coffee for breakfast in bed before he left for work.  Apparently Mosaic had not caught on that it was my birthday and they should be closed to celebrate such an occasion.  Maybe next year.

So, with Rob gone and all the kids piled in bed with me I laid down the ground rules. 
  1. It was my birthday.  MY birthday.  MY day.
  2. There would be no fighting.
  3. Everyone would do what I asked the first time I asked.
  4. We were all going to have fun.
A mom can dream, right?  Austin actually responded quite well to my wishes.  Everytime the girls started to bicker he would chime in "It's Mom's fighting!".  It only sort of worked but I appreciated his effort.  When my parents stopped by to drop off a gift Austin told them "It is hard work following her rules.  I get kind of bored with them, but I will NOT quit!"  What a trooper!

The kids also obliged me by going to Chipotle for lunch.  It's not their favorite restaurant by any means, but the chance to go eat somewhere other than our house was enough to keep them engaged.  Actually, Riley might be a bigger fan that I thought.  She devoured her lunch and then ate half of Austin's.  She's the only kid I know who will eat guacamole by the forkful.  No chips needed.

After lunch it was home to make brownies for me.  I'm not much of a cake fan and the kids have been getting pretty good at baking.  I helped crack the egg and measured some ingredients but the majority of it was all them.  The girls took naps and I let Austin play computer games for over an hour while I read my book.  Peaceful.

Rob got home and cooked my favorite dinner and I opened presents.  Or rather, I sat on a chair and watched Ellie open my presents! 

The kids gave me some lotions and potions for the shower and some slippers.  Rob's gift was a "Tracy Day" set up for January.  A day of shopping just for me while his parents watch our kids!  I can't wait!

It's like extending my birthday a whole 'nother month!  I was sad to see the day end but I sure enjoyed it.  My family is pretty great.


Kristy said...

Happy belated birthday! Cute hair by the way!

Jane said...

Happy belated birthday! Sorry, December was a bad month for getting out cards (it is amazing our holiday cards got made, let alone sent).