Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ellie's Dance Class

After running around and attending all her brother's classes and programs, I figured it was finally time for Ellie to have a class of her own.  We have been playing "dance class" at home for a few months.  I am the teacher and she is my student.  It's a great game with the minor flaw that I have never taken a dance classes in my life nor do I have any natural talent.  So, our "class" has been limited to spinning in circles, pretending to tap dance, and plies. 

When I saw our Commumity Center was hosting dance classes for ages 3-6 for the bargain price of $35 (six 45 minute lessons) I immediately signed her up.  She has absolutely LOVED going to a real dance class.  However, the windows of this dance class are covered in black paper so what she has been doing for those 45 minute sessions has been a complete mystery to me.  Until today.  Today they took the last 15 minutes of class time to show us what they learned.  See for yourself:

I guess it was a dance class with a Jazz emphasis as well as some tumbling.  I have a couple more video segments of her "cartwheels", jumps, and balance beam walking.  During the dance Ellie was pretty mesmerized by the video camera the lady in front of her had....but I'm not sure she would have done anything different if the camera were not there.  She's always kind of done her own thing.  It was a really cute recital of sorts.  On the way out the door I signed her up for the next session of tap shoes required. (Isn't that the whole point of tap dancing?)

Here's Ellie with her teacher Ms. Deanna:

(Ellie pulled her pant leg all the way up...channeling LL Cool J)

Then Grandma took us to Caribou to celebrate her success.  Yum!


The Pats said...

What a hoot! She definitely deserves an "A" for trying. Very cute! Good luck with the "no tap" tap dancing classes.

Sheri said...

So cute, and I love love love her sparkly shoes!!