Saturday, December 4, 2010

Donut World

Last night the kids all stayed at my parents house.  We were suppose to be attending a party in Woodbury for  Rob's internal audit group.  However, it took Rob almost two hours to get home from Plymouth at 3pm.  After dropping the kids off with my parents, getting ready, and then consulting some friends out on the roads, we estimated it would have taken us another two hours to get to Woodbury.  We decided to stick around in Shakopee.  We had a nice dinner out and came home to watch a movie.  Despite not getting to meet any of Rob's coworkers I hear so much about, we very much enjoyed a night to ourselves (Thanks Mom and Dad!).

This morning we picked up the kids at 8:30 and took the kids to get donuts.  Nothing out of the ordinary there.  But, this time we stayed at Donut Land to eat said donuts.  It was a dream come true for Austin.

Donut World has these tiny little stools set up around a short kid-sized counter and Austin has been dying to eat his donuts at that very counter since he first set eyes on it.  Today was his day!

Despite the scowl on Riley's face (which is her usual look these days as I can do nothing right by her) we all enjoyed our breakfast.

Once we got home everyone geared up and headed outside.  Ellie and Austin love to play in the snow.  Riley....not so much.  She pretty much wants to be held the whole time unless the snow is only an inch or two deep.  And although Ellie enjoys her time outside, her endurance for cold weather is a work in progress.  Therefore, the girls and I are inside right now and Austin is going on hour 2.

He is, no doubt, playing dinosaurs of some sort.  While I was out there he wanted to be buried like a fossil so that I could pretend to be a paleontologist discovering the very first Iguanadon.

I'm going to go get some hot chocolate ready for when my little dinsoaur wants to thaw out.


Kerry said...

Your kid might just be as dorky as you. :) And that is said with the utmost love and admiration for his imagination.

Sheri said...

I was just going to say what Kerry said, but she said it so gracefully that I'll just leave it at that! I do think I have some pretty great pictures of you before you lost the pop bottle glasses and became the stunning beauty that you are today.I will never forget the look on Andrew's face when he saw you at Kerry's wedding all dolled up and said "mom, Tracy's a girl". ;)

Jon said...

That middle picture probably has the best grouping of facial expressions ever. The whole spectrum from donut-love to two year-old rage!