Monday, December 13, 2010

21.5 inches!

I'm going to join the ranks of the rest of the Minnesota bloggers to report on our snowy conditions the past week.  Shakopee came out on top with 21.5 inches.

Did you ever watch Little House on the Prairie?  Do you remember the episode "The Christmas They Never Forgot"?  It's the one where they all sit up all night reminiscing about Christmases past and throughout the night the snow continues to come down so hard and fast that by morning they are completely snowed in.  The open the door only to find out the snow has completely covered the door and is at the level of their second story window.  Luckily, Pa and Almonzo had the forethought to tie a rope from the house to the barn so all the presents were retrieved by simply strapping on a pair of snow shoes. of my favorites.

Anyway, that whole synopsis because that's all I could think about as I looked out our bedroom window.
 The plows didn't come through our streets until Sunday so there were plenty of cars getting stuck around the neighborhood.
 And unlike most of our neighbors, we chose not to snow blow anything until all was said and done.  So, the first time we opened our garage door, this is what was waiting for us.  And by "us", I mean Rob.

We didn't leave the house on Saturday.  Until dinner came around and we realized we really had nothing to eat.  Then I sent Rob out to Target to pick up some goodies....oh, and a Christmas dress for Ellie.  The kids were due to sing in church on Sunday morning.
Ellie, the modest girl that she is, couldn't stop commenting about how beautiful she looked in her dress so it made Rob's crazy drive to Target and back completely worth it.

On a side note, the only reason we made it to church is because my mom and dad came and picked us all up in the Explorer.  Then on the way home we all stopped at Perkins for a late breakfast.  All 15 of us (the Smith's and Murphy's were there too!).  It was kind of fun to play Little House on the Prairie for the day (minus the Target trip and the 4 wheel drive!).

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Who is that crazy guy with the shovel?