Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trouble with a capitol T

I always thought that the terrible twos were a myth.  Austin never hit them.  I remember some Troublesome Threes with him, but never twos.  And Ellie, maybe I have amnesia on her, but she's always been fairly sweet.

Enter Riley.

She has taken, among other things, to skipping naps.  She will NOT stay in her bed, or even her room.  I have tried, what I feel, is everything!  I even borrowed a child proof door knob thingy to put on the inside of her room so she could not get out.  Her answer to that was to take it apart, open her door, and bring it downstairs to me like she was doing me some sort of favor..."Here mom....this thing was on my door and made it hard for me to open so I took it off for you!"

Well, the other day I thought I had won.  All was quiet on the home front and I was back to enjoying an hour or two to myself.  Or so I thought.  At 2pm I heard a "thud" come from upstairs.  As I approached the top step, this is what I found:

She decided to see what I had in my nightstand.  Now, my nightstand is kind of a catchall for random things I don't know what to do with, so I'm sure it was like a treasure chest to Riley.

She had found my old Indian Princess necklaces, a headband, swim goggles, my teddy bear "Bud", various cards from Rob, a pencil, a pen, and who knows what else.

The pen proved fun:
 She was equally creative on her hands with this tool.

When I saw her, she was trying to put my swimming goggles on Bud.  Below she is probably pondering how politically incorrect her mom was to join a group of Caucasian girls who paraded around like Native Americans with tribe names, arrow head and bear claw necklaces, and Chiefs that banged on a drum to call the meetings to order.
 Yes, this is the face of trouble:
My mom and sister claim to see me in many of her facial expressions but I'm positive her current mischievous attitude is all Rob.


Kerry said...

It's like I'm looking across the circle at the person with the talking stick 25 years ago. Twins, I tell ya.

G. Patti said...

I really can't picture you being quite like Riley (she certainly looks like you) but yes, she seems to have a different nature from what I have witnessed--maybe somewhat like her Dad!!or like what you were when you were growing up. Isn't it nice to have a sister who remembers when!!!
Love and Miss all of you--
Won't be long and we'll
have our "Thanksgiving
Christmas" (Ellie's
comment after that
first snow fall
we got to wit-
ness together
How Wonderful it was to see all the excitement in their faces as well as yours!! Take Care until Thanksgiving weekend. Love, Patti

Carol said...

She's too cute for you to even be upset with her. That pen must have been fun.