Monday, November 29, 2010

Our week

The flu ransacked our house for the last couple weeks.  I was the latest victim but it has now been close to a week since I was sick so I think we're in the clear.  We are now onto a virus that causes a fever for about a day followed by a hacking cough and loss of voice. 

I did rid of my flu turn just in time for Thanksgiving.  Kerry and Mike graciously put together a feast for us.  Mike grilled/rotisserie the turkey which was new and good.  As usual, it was nice to hang out with the family.  Even more pleasant because none of the guests needed to lift a finger.  Thanks Murphy's!

The day after Thanksgiving we loaded up and headed to Iowa to celebrate Christmas with Rob's family.  His parents will be traveling to Australia over the holidays so we celebrated early.  As usual it was an eventful time with everyone making it back to partake in games, food, presents, football, and more food.  It definitely put me in the holiday mood!  This is going to be a busy upcoming month full of a lot of fun!

Our drives to Iowa and back are getting mentally longer.  Once upon a time all three of the kids would sleep at some point during our drive.  It was peaceful.  Those times have been replaced with Austin not ever sleeping, Ellie sleeping for about 45 minutes, or until one of her louder siblings wakes her up, and Riley maybe sleeping for about 30 minutes and whining for the last 45.

While Austin is NOT sleeping, he takes it upon himself to ask 140,000 questions or make random comments.  His latest fascination is a series on BBC called "Chased by Dinosaurs" (or "Sea Monsters"....he's equally enthralled with both).  In which a zoologist named Nigel Marven travels back in time to various Jurassic or Cretaceous time periods to reveal these fearsome beasts.  Honestly, it's actually kind of intriguing how it's all done.  You see Nigel standing amongst a beach of "sea scorpions" and it truly looks like they are there with him, but then you have remind yourself sea scorpions died out 100 billion years ago (my facts are probably wrong there...just ask Austin).  It's very Crocodile Dundee meets Jurassic Park.  Anyway, my point is that on the way to Iowa he bombarded us with facts about dinosaurs we couldn't begin to pronounce.

"Hey Mom!  Did you know that a Megaladon was even bigger than a great white?"

Me:  "Huh...nope.  Didn't know that"

Austin:  "Hey Mom!  Did you know that Megaladons ate whales but when the whales went to cold waters, the Megaladons couldn't so they died because they had nothing to eat?"

Me:  "Wow.  Fascinating.  I had no idea"  (said with as much enthusiasm as I could muster)

"Hey Dad...did you know that when Nigel was swimming with one sea monster it burped up the bones of the fish it had just eaten and Nigel said 'well, that's not good table manners'... ha ha ha ha ha"

Rob:  "Ha ha.  Yep, that Nigel is a riot!"

Austin:  " Dad.  He's a zoologist." 

And that's the type of conversation that took place most of the way there and back.  Only to be interrupted by Riley whining to get out of her seat.

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Sheri said...

We used to give our kids Benadryl for long car rides. Worked like a charm. lol!