Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mountain Climbing

Yesterday Riley decided she was going to have a "camp out" on our stairs.  Having a camp out isn't unusual, but the stairs was a new location.  When Austin stumbled (literally) upon her he decided to join in.  Then Ellie didn't want to be left out either.

The result was all of their bedding and stuffed animals and pillows piled high on the stairs.  This then led to a mountain climbing adventure.  For almost an hour (and probably longer had I not ruined their fun by sending Austin to school) they would build up their mountain:

Then they would scale up their mountain:

This took immense concentration on Ellie's part:

Then Austin would yell something akin to "Geronimoooooo!" and leap onto the pile of fluff.
 Then Ellie, and by the time it was Riley's turn there wasn't much left on the stairs so she would slide down on her butt and land in the pile at the bottom.

Now, I know as far as safety goes, this probably isn't high on the list, but boy they were having fun!  And, I completely remember playing on the stairs with my brother and sister, and having pillowcase races down the stairs.  We all turned okay...well, most of us.  The jury's still out on Dan ;)

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