Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mess Free Painting

Ellie has had this "water wow" Backyardigans book for at least a year.  It's pretty cool.  The pages are all white and then when the child use this special water filled paintbrush to paint the pages the pages fill with color.  Not like the old "paint with water" books where it was actual paper and you'd use the water and then whole page would run together in a watery mess of brown.  She loves this book and recently found it again after about a 6 month hiatus.  The only problem is that there are only 5 pages and so it only takes her about 10 minutes to finish.  Nonetheless, it's popular.  We've since given up on the special paintbrush, but a regular paintbrush and a cup of water works just as well (maybe better).

The only problem is that we have just one of these books.  Therefore, Trouble....eeerrr, I mean Riley, does her best to take it away from Ellie and ruin her fun.  Well, yesterday I solved this problem. 

Not wanting to drag out any real paint, I gave Riley a sheet of construction paper and a paintbrush and some water.  I let her paint the paper.  Construction paper turns darker when wet so she saw the results of her efforts and the two of them painted harmoniously.  Without a mess!


Sue H said...

Brilliant, Mom!

The Pats said...

Re your "What's Cookin?" section and the Microwave Fudge, I can attest the fudge is delicious.