Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

We were a little behind in the whole Halloween holiday this year.  Despite numerous reminders from my kids, I didn't get any of our Halloween decorations up until midway through the month. 

We solidified costume ideas about 2 weeks ago.  Ellie, who has wanted to be a princess since last Halloween threw me a curveball last minute.  She requested to be a unicorn.  And although we knew Austin wanted to be a Jedi, short of his cloak and a lightsaber we didn't have a costume planned. 

We never did get to the pumpkin patch, but luckily we had a pumpkin from Austin's field trip with school.  It was on the small side, but it worked.  I gutted it while the kids were sleeping Sunday and once everyone was awake enough post-nap we thought about what we wanted it to look like.  It was unanimous that it be spooky and Austin kind of took it from there. 

 He didn't want to touch one single part of it, but it was suppose to have angry eyes, a small nose, and a mouth like a ghost.


 Pretty spooky.

At 4:30pm Rob figured out a wardrobe for Austin and at 5pm we headed over to a friends house for some pre-trick or treating snacks. The kids were very excited about trick or treating this year! It was Riley's first year, and although I carried her most of the way to keep up with the older kids, she really enjoyed it.

Here's their costumes:

 Anakin Skywalker (always in character)

 Unicorn (thanks Kmart...wasn't sure how I was going to pull that off)


Midway through the neighborhood Rob and I switched duties. I thought Riley would stay in with me to hand out candy while the older two went to more houses with Dad, but I thought wrong! There was no way that she was getting left out of round 2!

So, while everyone was out scrounging for more treats I did a preliminary check of their first treats (which they unloaded so their buckets wouldn't get too heavy). I came across this:

 Now, I'm all for saving a buck and I was thinking this household probably just bought the clearance Valentine's candy to hand out at Halloween. But, Valentine's day was 8 months ago and I figured they had enough candy that I could toss this out and no one would know. So, I searched through the other two piles to find the other heart suckers. That's when I found this:

 So, I guess it wasn't so much "clearanced" valentine's candy, as much as it was just saved from actual valentine cards. Both went into the garbage. Then I did a taste test on a few snickers just to make sure they passed my safety test. I've been doing a little quality control here and there since last night. Everything seems to be checking out just fine but you can never be too sure.


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