Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sleepy Head Fred

One of the reasons I requested afternoon Kindergarten for Austin was selfish.  If he got into afternoon Kindergarten then he'd get on the bus at 12:50 and the girls would get in bed at 1pm.  I'd have at least 2 whole hours to myself every day.  Heaven!

Well, recently Ellie and Riley have both been boycotting naps.  Riley doesn't stay in bed and when she does finally fall asleep it's for 30 minutes (which leads me to wonder if she even sleeps) and then she's out again and downstairs. 

Ellie will go to sleep easily enough, and I'll wake her up 2 hours later, but then at 9pm she's still singing to herself at night.  At 10pm she finally falls asleep and at 6:15am she's wide awake again.  Which leads me to believe she doesn't need the nap anymore.  For the last couple days I've been letting her skip it (and Riley...but that is not my's Riley's).  She does well until about 5pm.  Then all hell breaks loose and my sweet little girl turns into Lucifer.  Well, maybe not that bad, but it's not pretty.

Yesterday she just plain passed out.

I was running around the house, Riley was being completely noisy, Austin was building legos and when I glanced at Ellie, who was playing in the family room I found her like this:

We could NOT wake her up.  Riley was pushing on her arm, yelling in her face, and being her best annoying little sister, but Ellie didn't even flinch.  I had to physically set her up into a sitting position before she even thought about cracking an eye open.

Makes me wonder if she's ready to skip nap or not?  I know I'm not ready to give up my two hours!

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