Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Promise

Last week I promised Austin that he could watch the Vikings game with me on Sunday while the girls were sleeping.  I'm not sure what spawned the promise, but I'll bet it was in an effort to cheer him up about something else.  An opportunity to stay awake while his sisters have to sleep usually does the trick.  What I didn't realize was that instead of a Sunday afternoon game, it was a Monday night game.  It wasn't going to start until 7:30.  No worries.  I would just let him watch the first half, declare it done at halftime, and he'd still get a decent amount of sleep on a school night.

Yesterday we all sported our Vikings gear all day.  I had a game plan for the evening.  They'd play until dinner time, eat dinner, take baths, put on PJs and then they could have popcorn while they watched the game.  The girls would then go to sleep, Austin would pretend to go to sleep, and then I'd sneak him out of his room to watch more of the game with me.

Well, plans were  meant to be broken...but promises were not.

Someone in the group decided that the game should be watched in our big bed (with light sabers?).  Someone else in the group was awfully upset that we spent all day in our Vikings gear and then come game time would be wearing PJs instead of Vikings gear.  So, they wore both.  Everyone wore their Vikings shirts/dresses over their pajamas.  Ellie was dying of heat but would not change for anything.  I think she's superstitious!

At kick-off time we tuned in to find out that the game was delayed until 7:50.  Twenty minutes didn't seem like a big deal so we decided to run some plays with Austin's football.

Then Austin decided he needed a football helmet, so then Ellie decided she needed a helmet too. This was her selection.

And then a group helmet shot:
Yes, Riley is holding a book on her head.  She thought she was very clever.

The game then got pushed back to 8:15.  I made popcorn and stalled with a little bit more tossing of the football.

Finally, Ellie relented and changed out of her 110 degree outfit.  A complete 180 actually.  From rugged sports fan to pretty princess.
In the end, the girls got to stay up until 8:30pm.  Austin watched the game with me until about 9:15.  Ellie came back in at 9pm to watch a bit more.  At 9:15pm Austin was nearly asleep on my bed and Ellie was snuggled in close too.  I took them both to bed and went back to finish watching the game only to pass out myself.  All our pregame activity was too much for even myself.

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