Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flower Power

I'm lucky in that I live next door to a woman with great fashion sense and a 5 year old daughter.  Lucky because when her daughter outgrows her super cute clothes, I get first crack at buying what I like (or what Ellie likes - because she definitely tells me these days) before she puts them in a sale or brings them to Goodwill.  Lucky because I've never seen Mia with a stain on a shirt in her life.  I'm convinced she has never spilt anything!  Lucky because when the clothes do come to our house they are practically  new.

But, of course they aren't.  I mean, I've seen the Jedi training Austin puts Mia through.  And when Ellie gets through with them some of them come out a bit more thread-bare than they came into this house.  And then I get sad because the cutest pair of jeans has a small hole in the knee.

Then another friend of mine gave me some jeans from her 5 year old daughter that had some cute appliques on them.  I was told that this 5 year fell and tore the knee of the jeans the first day she wore them.  But, I thought she had bought the jeans with this applique because they were that cute....I was inspired.  Afterall, these clothes need to make it through one more girl.  Riley doesn't look good with holes in her pants.

So, I rifled through Ellie's jeans and picked my first victim:

 First, I reinforced the inside of the pants with some iron patches to stop the raveling that was already going on.  Here's the only true hole so far, but the other side was one wearing away from a hole too.
 Then we went to Michaels and picked up some cute iron on flowers.  Well, actually, I picked them out while the kids looked at toy animals with Rob.  If I had let Ellie in on the decision of what patches we were buying I would still be at Michaels.

And in less than 10 minutes:

This was far too easy and I think they are still super cute jeans.  Ellie gave them a thumbs up and hopefully they hold up so next year Riley can share in her enthusiasm.


stl82 said...

You say the sweetest things:)

Kerry said...

Awesome! Super cute and I would LOVE to take Maddie and get some stuff for her plain jeans!!!

Carol said...

These are definitely Ellie. Great idea!

Grandma Patti said...

Hi Tracy,
Ellie's old jeans look just wonderful with the new appliques. I remember sewing hearts on mine in high-school--just to be in style--
But I hand sewed them at that time so they wouldn't fall off. I wonder if you shouldn't reinforce the flowers with some hand sewing or machine sewing before you let Riley take off in them--but I guess you can always buy more appliques to cover the holes!!
God Bless you for being such a creative Mom!! Love, Grandma, Patti