Saturday, October 2, 2010

Arms Wide Open

Every day, when Austin's school bus comes around the corner it's a mad scurry for Riley and Ellie to get their hugs and kisses from him before he gets on the bus.  I barely get a wave but Ellie gets lifted off the ground by Austin in a giant bear hug.  Riley gets hugs and kisses as well.  Most afternoons I have to pull them apart so Austin is not holding up the bus schedule.  Then he gets to his seat and blows me a kiss.

The afternoon is not much different.  A stop away (about two blocks) Ellie spies the bus and runs to Austin's stop (or as close as I'll let her get) and stands on the end of the driveway with her arms wide open waiting for him to get off the bus and run into them.

He doesn't disappoint. 

Then Riley gets her hug. 

Then I get a request for a chocolate granola bar and juice.

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CoreyD said...

That is the sweetest thing!! Kids that get along that well are a rare joy. He's an amazing older brother...someday those girls will realize how lucky they are to have him!