Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Accessories Make the Outfit

Awhile ago I came across some very cute little crocheted hats at a store.  But, being that the store was "Oh Baby!" I knew they were going to be out of my price range (where the average sweater..for a baby...is $90).  As fate would have it, a couple days later I came across almost the exact same hats on a blog with a free pattern to make them!

I don't crochet.  I don't knit.  I don't need another hobby.

I brought the pattern to my mom and asked her pretty please to make some for my girls.  It took a little rearranging of the instructions to get the perfect result.  You'll have to consult my mom for that part as I have NO idea what she was telling me about stitches even though I nodded my head like I was part of the conversation.

But, the results were great!

I didn't even plan on these outfits when I picked the hat colors, nor did I know my mom had the hats finished that day when I dressed the girls, but these outfits are just a sample of the options that will go with these cute hats!

Thanks mom!!!


Sue H said...

Too cute!!!

Grandma Patti said...

They look awesome-but I think the cute little heads underneath help to make them look beautiful!!