Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Out to the Ballgame

Rob's company hosted a family day at the Twins game last Saturday.  It was the perfect opportunity to take the kids to their first ball game without having to feel bad when we left before the end of the game (since the tickets were free).  In the end we decided that it would work out best if we had Riley stay home with a babysitter for her nap time.  And, before you feel sorry for her, our newest babysitter is Maddie, whom each of my children adore, and Riley had her all to herself while she was awake.  Riley wasn't missing out.

It was nice for Rob and I to get to hang out with the older two.  It's amazing how much more work that third child adds!  We found our seats, which were great, and Rob immediately set out to get some food for us.  Chicken fingers, french fries and pop for starters.  Halfway through the game I headed out with Ellie to first go to the bathroom, and then get more snacks.  We ended up with more fries, more pop, popcorn, and licorice.  Let me just state, carrying a pop in one hand, fries in the other, licorice in my pocket, and popcorn under my arm, all while trying to navigate through a crowded stadium with a 3 year old who can't hold my hand because my hands were full, is NOT fun.  But, she did great.  She even ended up carrying the popcorn for me.  What a helper!

We tried really hard to get a picture of everyone looking at the camera.  Really hard!  Look at the effort Ellie is putting in with her little clenched fists.  Goofy Austin had weird faces in every attempt.

The kids did really well.  They mostly enjoyed the treats and cheering and Ellie really enjoyed dancing on her seat.

I don't remember this guys name, but the kids sure thought he was great to climb on.

On the way home we stopped to get some tasty cupcakes.  Then we stopped at a park to play and eat our treats.

Ellie thoroughly enjoyed her cupcake.

Austin....if he weren't Rob's twin I'd question his genes, but he declared "I've had enough junk food, I don't want a cupcake."  What kid says that?

So he played on the park while we shoved cupcakes in our mouths.  Eventually we all played on the park.  I raced him down a slide:

He won.  Which is why he isn't even in the picture.

It was a great day for us all.  And Riley very much enjoyed her time as well!

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