Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Like You

I'm running the risk of sounding like a horrible mom with this post, but I'm going for it anyway.  Hopefully some moms out there will back me up.

I really like my kids today.  With that, I am implying there are days I don't.

I love my kids everyday.  More than I could ever confirm with words.  But, there are days when they are being awful, or maybe just being kids, that I sit there and dwell on how much easier things would be if I didn't have 20 loads of laundry waiting for me, or if I could sit down and eat my breakfast rather than run around the kitchen complying to everyone elses breakfast desires.  How heavenly it would be to get in a car and run errands without first buckling 3 kids into their seats (inevitably one will argue with my assigned seats). I could go on.

But today, today my kids are awesome!  Yes, it's only 9am, but I'm going to declare it anyway.  They all woke up in good moods.  Breakfast was a breeze.  I only got up 2 or 3 times.  Austin told us that his teddy bear (which he named Eggs) and his Cheetah (which is named Taki...after a Nature episode) have started earning stickers for their charts and when they have earned enough stickers he is going to take them to the library to pick out books.  Cute.

Riley has been running around in a frog costume since approximately 7:30am stopping briefly in  her escapades to tell me she is a "Froggy...Ribbit!".

Ellie, no surprise, has been in her princess costume most of the morning.  Dancing and spinning and admiring her own beauty.

Currently they are all playing "Grandma Runchey" in Ellie's room.  They stand outside the door, say "Ding-Dong" and take turns visiting each other.  Usually Ellie is Grandma Runchey but today they have all had their turn.

Maybe it's the fact that I have folded two loads of laundry.  Maybe it was the magical hour we spent cuddled on the couch reading.  Maybe it's because I was able to shower without any visitors.  More than likely it's that I have not had to diffuse one single argument yet today.

Whatever it is, I just really like these kids.


Sue H said...

oh, yes, I remember those days. Love and Like are two different things, that's for sure. Bask in the glory while you can...

Sheri said...

I also remember those days, and you are not a horrible mom for feeling that way. You are a great mom, and a very normal mom. We all used to dream of days of being childless, and then one of our kids would do something sweet and wash it all away. Love and like are definitely in their own categories. One is unconditional, and one just has it's days!!

Grandma Patti said...

Hi Tracy -- Just read this blog again and thought I'd give you a little more of a positive note about raising your three lovely little children--you kind of forget most of the bad days and only remember the good that comes out of each and everyone of them. Sounds like this will be one of the days you'll remember. God love you for being such a great Mom to three of my lovely grandchildren!! Love, Patti