Friday, September 10, 2010

A Fresh Start

When my parents moved from their 5 bedroom house to their new abode, they found they had a lot of extra furniture they no longer needed.  That's when my mom suggested we put my sisters old bedroom set in Ellie's room.  It was a nice thought to have a whole bedroom set for free, but I had my heart on a white set, and this set was just stained pine.

I showed Rob the set to get his opinion.  I asked him if he could refinish it for me Ellie.  After a quick inspection, he thought it wouldn't be a problem.

He took this:

And this:

And jerry-rigged this:

Spray booth

And gave Ellie this:

And this:

And in return he got this:

She was one happy girl!  She ran around her room and literally hugged her new furniture and said "Thank you for my new bedroom Mom and Dad, I LOVE it!" 

There is one more small addition.  My only contribution:

I built her a little bookself to hang on the wall.  Since I hate painting things, it's waiting for Rob to finish.  I suppose I could skip the spray booth and just paint it by hand, but I like to keep Rob's project list full.  Heaven forbid he get bored around here.


Kerry said...

LOVE it!!! Perfect for all the decor and I love the pic of Ellie! Those bookshelves look AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see them painted. :)

Carol said...

Wow, it doesn't even look like the same furniture, Rob did a nice job! Tracy, I want one of those bookshelves, that is great. And Ellie's smile says it all.