Saturday, September 11, 2010

A First (and a Third)

Riley finally had enough hair to get her first haircut.  Mostly, she needed to get rid of her baby mullet.

She was the perfect client and did everything the lady asked but would not smile for me no matter how hard I tried.  Her stylist was equally exuberant.  There must be some sort of enthusiasm vacuum around that chair.

Ellie got hers trimmed too.  Always the talker, she did manage to embarrass me by asking Riley's stylist if she was a boy or girl.  Thanks Elle, I can always count on you!

I struggle with Ellie's hair.  I love the curls but having grown up with stick straight hair (that has just recently started getting curly??) I have no idea how to manage curly hair.  I asked the hair stylist and she informed me that shampoo does make a difference and that product is a curly haired girls best friend.  I was impressed:

Although, whatever product she used smelled like chocolate, except a very fake chocolate.  Kind of nauseating.  But, it held it's curls for at least 2.5 hours before nap time.  I guess I'll see if it can withstand her usual post-nap crazy hair look.

For Riley I went with a slightly angled "bob".  It's not like she had a lot of hair to work with so mostly I'm just happy to report she has been de-mulleted.

As a side note, fresh haircuts must make my children appear closer in age.  Not one person talked to us pre-haircuts.  However, post-haircuts, 3 people stopped to ask me if the girls were twins.  One person stopped to ask me if they were all triplets. 


Sue H said...

What beeyootiful girls!

Granda R. said...

They all do look alot alike-everyone in West Bend that's seen them think they all look like their Dad--but I'm starting to think that's because of the blond hair--I think someone elses characteristics and looks are starting to show through. I wonder who that is??? Yes, Tracy, it's you!! That's okay with me!! They'll be just the "Bestest" Kids if they turn out as good as their Mom and Dad!!! We love all of you just the way you are. Love, Grandma R.