Monday, September 6, 2010

Anniversary Weekend Celebration

This past weekend Rob and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary (early).  My parents were gracious enough to take the kids for the whole weekend!  We didn't waste a minute of it!

On Friday we hit the State Fair.  We traversed the usual routes, stopping at our favorite food vendors.  We decided we should actually try something new this year so we bought a Fudge Puppie.  That's a belgium waffle on a stick, dipped in chocolate, and topped with caramel and whipped cream.  We gave it a thumbs up.  Right as we were calling it a day we passed a radio station's booth and looked up to see a guy standing in the middle of a ring of cops with his shirt off.  I asked someone standing nearby if this was for real.  I thought maybe it was some sort of police demonstration.  She assured me it was real so we watched the scene unfold.  Apparently this guy was just being obnoxious (probably drunk) and dancing around with his shirt off.  When the station asked him to leave he declined.  They called the police and no short of 15 officers arrived.  The guy told the police they had no right to arrest him because he was just dancing and there was nothing illegal about that.  Eventually it took 6 of the officers to bring the guy down.  They tased him a few times and, in general, were a bit more aggressive with him than I thought necessary (but I'm not a cop).  The only picture I took all weekend:

Saturday we tried our hardest to sleep in, but were awake and out on a walk by 8:30am.  About two blocks from our house we stopped to watch some hunters take down a "V" of geese.  We feel the hunters are a bit too close to residential areas (as the wounded geese were falling into people's yards) but from previous calls, I know the hunters are in a legitimate hunting area.  We apparently live in the sticks.

Saturday afternoon we did a little shopping, went to the spa, and out for dinner.  Sunday Rob did a bit better sleeping in but I got up and read the whole paper in peace.  A beautiful thing.

It was great to have a "staycation" without the kids, but by 10am I was missing them and eager to pick them up.  Then we were home for 10 minutes and Riley cried for 9 of those minutes and I was ready for another break.

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